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XM Studios presenta il Joker per la linea 1/6 Scale Premium Collector DC Rebirth series

by Andrea Battaglia

La nuova bellissima statua dei ragazzi di XM Studios è tutta dedicata ad uno dei villan più famosi e amati di sempre. Il Joker. Questa edizione in scala 1/6 vede il Villan posizionato sopra ad un marchingegno cingolato nell’intento di spruzzare il suo letale gas. Quello che colpisce di questa statua oltre al protagonista è tutto il contorno, che non viene per nulla lasciato al caso, anzi, lo impreziosisce di dettagli e parti luminose.

I preordini sono già aperti sul sito di XM Studios Europe ad un prezzo di circa 490€


Whether by way of award-winning films like “The Dark Knight,” Emmy-winning animated programs like “Batman: The Animated Series,” video game appearances such as the record-breaking “Batman: Arkham Asylum,” or the countless comics stacking comic book shelves and digital libraries, the Joker stands unquestionably as the most recognizable and popular comic book villain in pop culture history. Unpredictable, violent and incredibly dangerous, he is chaos personified and has taken on everyone from his archenemy Batman to even the Man of Steel. But Gotham remains his primary home and Batman his biggest adversary, and no hero is perhaps better suited as in many ways, the Joker is the polar opposite of the Dark Knight. Both were created by a great tragedy, but Batman has since vowed to do whatever it takes to prevent similar incidents, the Joker revels in creating chaos and destroying lives, believing that life’s a big joke and psychotically demonstrating that in a moment, it can all change. Not much is known about his past, but his acts during the present are what define the Joker as one of the greatest threats to our heroes and the people they’ve sworn to protect. He’s killed a Robin, crippled Batgirl, and tortured and murdered countless people throughout the DC Universe—all just for a laugh. 

The Joker (Rebirth) Premium Collectibles statue features:

  • Crafted from cold-cast porcelain
  • Details and Textures in stunning details even at 1:6 scale
  • Light up flickering ‘Mad’ Eyes on base
  • 8 Mini Mad Chompers for fun and flexible display
  • Realistic Gas Canister effects
  • Limited edition : MTO


  • Ario Anindito (Concept)
  • Tiago Rios (Sculpt)
  • XM Studios Design and Development Team

Manufactured by: 
XM Studios

Note: Prototype shown and pending final approval, final product may differ.

Product and Box Dimensions

Product size : 28 cm L X 23 cm B X 37.5 cm H (estimate) 
Est. Box Size : 53.5 cm L X 46.5 cm B X 25.5 cm H (estimate) 
Est. Product Weight : 4 kg (estimate)
Est. shipping weight : 9.83 kg (estimate)

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